Reference group consumer behaviour

Journal of Consumer Research, 37, pp. Family plays an important role in influencing the buying decisions of individuals. Individuals from middle Reference group consumer behaviour segment generally are more interested in buying products which would make their future secure. In any new marriage, a new household is being established end this may lead to buying of new furniture, kitchen utensils, new housing etc.

Social Factors affecting Consumer Behaviour

Alternatively, when market prices for a product are low, consumers are more likely to purchase more of the product, and more often. They have complete knowledge about the features and specifications of the product.

Journal of Consumer Research, 9, pp. Fisher and Price suggest that purchasing products linked to aspirational groups was a means consumers used to establish a connection to the group, and that an important condition for the influence was that the product had to be visually obvious.

Similarly, groups that were once viewed as aspirational by an individual can very soon become dissociative as individuals become cynical about their behaviour. As a result, I have positive expectations when using certain branded products and negative expectations when using non-branded products.

Reference Group Influence On My Consumer Behavior

The reason why he purchased a Dell Laptop was because all his friends were using the same model and were quite satisfied with the product. They provide a basis for validating beliefs, values and attitudes.

Status refers to the position an individual enjoys within the group. The consumer market is not a homogenous entity but is made up of many different market segments, each with distinct marketing characteristics.

But now, these practice is no longer in common usage, you can hardly come across or find a man with more than one wife.

Reference Groups: Meaning, Types, Factors and Application | Consumer

Mode or way of life here means behaviours or acts, which we have adopted and imbibed in us through culture. Fashion and costly materials are demanded by the educated elites. It is against Hindu culture to wear white on auspicious occasions.

Group Influence on Consumer Behavior

These are groups with which the consumer frequently comes into contact. For example — In Vim bar ad, only the next door house wives are shown. A realistic analysis of consumer choice therefore must include understanding of the cultural content, which moulds human desire and shape human decision-making.

A study reveals that consumers seek information from those whose view is similar to themselves. Economic welfare is the responsibility of business to create utilities for consumers. If a customer can purchase a good from the comfort of their home instead of purchasing in-store, then the placement of products is not going to influence their purchase decision.

To encourage conformity, a reference group must: After the complete the research they may decide to purchase the particular or dispose it. They will be more inclined towards attaching themselves with the group through services and other such activities. Usha for the product category as credible.

Marketers and advertisers use reference group appeals very effectively to communicate with their customers. The price of a good or service is largely determined by the market, as businesses will set their prices to be similar to that of other business so as to remain competitive whilst making a profit [11] Clemons, One such individual that I particularly admire is David Beckham.

They become one with the group. Certain foods are demanded which are important in the observation of cultural traditions. Human Relations, 7, pp. You would hardly find an individual from a lower class spending money on high-end products. Types of Reference Groups: It is to do with consumption, and the processes consumers go through around purchasing and consuming goods and services [9] Szwacka-Mokrzycka, Is a store necessary for shopping to take place.

Member who are highly positioned within a group have the power to take the final decision of purchase.

Why consumers shop online i.

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When an individual gets married and starts a family, most of his buying decisions are taken by the entire family. Groups, leadership and men. But with the wrong outfit, I will receive social disapproval. Consumers constantly compare their attitudes to those of members of important groups.

Reference groups provide points of comparison by which to evaluate attitudes and behaviour. A consumer can either be a member of a reference group (like family) or aspire to belong to a group.

A reference group is “A person or group of people that significantly influences an individual’s behaviour” (Bearden and Etzel ).

5 Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour | Explained

There are lots of different types of reference groups and each individual can belong to more than one. Marketing budgets ensure that your marketing plan or campaign is realistically costed.

Some pre-budget research into your industry and market, your competitors and your business's historical marketing metrics helps marketing managers make a more informed calculation.

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Reference group consumer behaviour
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